2010 Indonesian Film Festival

following Indonesian movies (in Bahasa Indonesia with English subtitle) was screened during the 2010 Indonesian Film Festival

1 hour 15 minutes

Recommended Age Classification

This movie is for general audience

The figure of a mother – called EMAK -- with a simple life, who is working as a pastry cook. She lives with her son, Zein, who is working as a painter. Emak is a simple person, gentle spoken, innocent and she is fully believe in God. Her belief was smooth her days, so everything was easy. Emak’s attitude is always grateful for anything that obtained and which occured in her life. Emak’s love is so clear, her tenderness in facing the only son, made his son will not dare to hurt her.

Emak has a very high spirits, she even obsessed to be able to go to the Holy Land – Mecca, but it did not make her busy earning money all the time. Patiently Emak is saving her money from selling the cakes, which in five-year accumulated just five million rupiah. Emak is still optimistic and positive thinking, that even if her body did not get to the Holy Land, but she believes that her heart had got there first.

Since they had decided to put painting of Ka’bah on their wall, Emak felt that Ka’bah was already in sight, not just in the form of mere shadows. I was trying to figure out their own plot of this movie that one day their rich neighbor would come accidentally and saw the painting, then buy it worth the cost to the Holy Land for Emak. But I must be disappointed, because the plot is not like that. Aditya Gumay successfully deceived me and this time I must admit that not all of Indonesian’s movie predictable story line with ease.

Emak, a kind-hearted grandma, she even let her savings for operating costs grandchildren. This scene was a lesson for me, and hopefully also for other audiences, that we often think that we can arrange everything in our life, and we forget that the provisions of Allah who is bound to happen and that’s the best. We often encounter in this life, we are not willing to lend our money or saving to someone or our relative with various reasons. In fact, we are too afraid that we won’t get the money back. We forget the God’s provisions has set everyone’s fortune amounts not yet fully understood in the sense that truth. The fear that appears in our minds, often not congruent in line with what we should believe.

Zein, who had erred after seeing a suitcase full of money in Haji Sa’un bedroom. This errancy triggered by his confusion of surgery cost of his son, also for Emak to pay fare to go to the Holy Land. He was so lucky when he quickly realized that he has been made a big mistake before he regret it in entire of his life, and it was a great blessing because God covered that mistake, so that he survived and was not caught. Can you imagine how shocked Emak will be?

When the next scene is about Zein filled the lucky dip coupon, quickly I thought that the ending of this movie seemed like ‘Emak win the Lucky Dip and she can go to the Holy Land’. But once again, I must admit that Aditya has successfully deceived me for the second time. When Zein had an accident and made him unable to work for a while, I got a lesson that in the joy we should not be too excessive. The plot of story may be different, if Zein just sat at home waiting for Emak.

On the other hand, the accident like a disaster for Emak, but she believes that another joy will come after this. Fortunately, all hospital cost paid by the person who hit Zein. It seemed that Emak’s sincerity during her life was got paid. I believe that good deeds that we make, can also be enjoyed by people around us, and vice versa.

Cast List (creditted cast)
Ati Kanser Zein-Emak
Reza Rahadian-Zein
Didi Petet
Niniek L Karim
Ayu Pratiwi

Technical Credit
Director: Aditya Gumay
Writers: Adenin Adlan, Aditya Gumay

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90 Minutes

Recommended Age Classification

These films contain material that a parent might need to explain to younger children. The content is mild.

A musical film as celebration 25 SLANK years of the musical trip, Storie begun when SLANK meeting with leading figures who had trauma towards the violence, politics, drugs and love.Bimbim met small child that always hiding under the table because of seeing his parents was kidnapped when him playing under the table. Kaka met Nadine, Ivan and Ridho to meet figure of animal humankind that behaved like the animal because had felt was thrashed was proper for an animal, while Abdee met the leading figure of the mother that his children were kidnapped in the reform period. SLANK tried to oppose various forms of the violence and gallant that caused these traumas. In the long run they could together go out towards the blue island. The island without the violence and the threat, was full of peacefulness.

Cast List
Bimbim Slank -- Bimbim
Akhadi Wira Satriaji -- Kaka
Mohammad Ridwan Hafiedz -- Ridho
Ivan Kurniawan Arifin -- Ivanka
Abdee Negara -- Abdee

Technical Credits
Directors: John de Rantau, Garin Nugroho, Dosy Omar
Writer:Garin Nugroho (writer)
Producer: Usula Tumiwa, Anastasia Rina
Original music by: Slank
Cinematography by: Padri Nadeak, Aria Tedja

Release Date
19 February 2009

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90 minutes

Recommended Age Classification

These films contain material that a parent might need to explain to younger children.

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Maida (Atiqah Hasiholan) is a final year university history student who spends most of her time teaching the street kids Indonesian history and musical instruments in an abandoned old house. One day a group of gangsters force Maida and the young children to move out from the house. The house is previously owned by a famous composer, Ishak Pahing (Nino Fernandez).

Sakera (Yama Carlos), an architect working for his boss, Dasaad Muchlisin (Frans Tumbuan) explains to Maida that actually the house had been bought by his boss and will be converted into a commercial center. Maida is against the decision due to the house’s historical past while Sakera wants the house’s architecture to be preserved, but his idea got rejected by Dasaad.

This is also the time when romance blossoms between Maida and Sakera. At the same time Maida is working on her history thesis about the house’s history dating back to 1928, during the Dutch colonization and Japanese occupation era. She also discovers about Ishak’s love with Nani Kuddus (Imelda Soraya) and his wife’s love triangle story with a Japanese spy, Maruyama (Verdi Solaiman).

Why does the house gets abandoned in the end? Will Dasaad succeeds in building a commercial center there? Who will win in the end?

Cast List
Atiqah Hasiholan-Maida
Yama Carlos-Sakera
Davina Veronica-Ratu
Imelda Soraya-Nani Kuddus
Nino Fernandez-Ishak Pahing
Wulan Guritno-Bertha

Technical Credits
Production Company: Lamp Pictures/ Karuna Pictures
Director: Teddy Soeriaatmadja
Writer: Ayu Utami

Release Date
29 October 2009

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122 minutes

Recommended Age Classification

This movie is recommended for audiences of 13 years or over unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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This film is a cinematic adaptation of Andrea Hirata’s hit novel, SANG PEMIMPI (The
Dreamer), the second part of the LASKAR PELANGI (The Rainbow Troops) quartet, following the life of IKAL, son of a low-wage State Tin Company laborer on what was once one of the richest islands in Indonesia: Belitung.

THE DREAMER takes the audience through the adolescent years of Ikal, as well as his cousin ARAI and his friend JIMBRON. In order to continue their education, the boys must leave their village for the port city of Manggar—dozens of kilometers away from their families.

Under the supervision of a young and spirited teacher named Julian Balia, Ikal, Arai and
Jimbron become inspired by his fresh ideas to pursue big dreams. They make a promise to
stick together to reach their ambitious dream: studying in Paris and traveling the world.

THE DREAMER follows them through their teenage crises as they enter that golden, yet
turbulent, high school phase of their lives. Arai comes down with an unbearable love for
Zakiah Nurmala, a beautiful girl who is higher in social status, and Jimbron falls for a young, sullen girl working at a grass jelly factory who never, ever smiles. As for Ikal, the humiliation of being poor leads him to anger, and he begins to feel that their ambition is nothing but a big lie. His state of hopelessness not only strains his friendship with Arai and Jimbron, but it also breaks his father’s heart, who has always been nothing but proud of him.

Full of tales of marginalization and the heartbreaking struggle to reach dreams, this film
shows the beauty of friendship and the genuine love between a father and child.

Cast List
Vikri Septiawan -- Ikal (teenager)
Rendy Ahmad -- Arai
Azwir Fitrianto -- Jimbron
Lukman Sardi -- Ikal (adult)
Mathias Muchus -- Ikal’s Father

Technical Credits
Director : Riri Riza
Producer : Mira Lesmana
Co-Producers : Putut Widjanarko, Toto Prasetyanto, Gangsar Sukrisno
Associate Producer : Avesina Soebli
Editor : W. Ichwandiardono
Director of Photography : Gunnar Nimpuno
Art Director : Eros Eflin
Sound : Dwi Budi & Satrio Budiono
Music Scoring : Aksan & Titi Sjuman

Release Date
17 December 2009

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105 minutes

Recommended Age Classification

This movie is for adult audience

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Sumantri (Rieke Dyah Pitaloka) dedicates her life for the well being of mothers and newborns in one of the most densely populated island that lies about three hour boat ride from Jakarta. In a greatly limited access to outside world, her position is indispensable. She is suffering from breast cancer. Wulan (Rachel Maryam), th eisland’s autistic girl is raped and pregnant. Sumantri is thinking of performing an abortion, the forbidden act and considered as a big sin by the local believe

Safina (Kirana Larasati) and her gang are high school students in Yogyakarta, famoust as a tourist destination and higher learning in the country. The technology provides easy access to Internet, satisfying their curiousity about one issue that captivates them the most: SEX which they have been experimenting sex with their peers. Jay Anwar, a journalist from Jakarta visits Yogya, and Safina falls in love with him. Little that she knows, what the young journalist had in mind might not be close to the price she has sacrificed

Esi (Shanty) a single mother who works as janitor in a dangdut club. She is determined to provide her only daughter with education albeit her struggle to make ends meet. One night, she finds her young teenage daughter, Maesaroh (Ken Nala Amrytha), is sexually harassed by Narto, her boyfriend. Luckily, they find shelter and protector in Cicih (Sarah Sechan), the club’s witty and gutsy icon. But her unfortunate event continues…she finds that her daughter is missing and Cicih to a local women trafficking syndicate

Laksmi (Susan Bachtiar), found out that her husband has died of AIDS. Barely recovered from grieve, she has to deal with the fact that she is infected with the same virus. Her mother-in-law demand the custody of their grandchild, Belinda (Ranti Maria). Laksmi struggle to keep Belinda. Trying to survive without a job, Laksmi begin to see the harsh reality: she has to choose between her daughter and her fight with HIV

Cast List (in alphabetical order)
Fauzi Baadila
Susan Bachtiar -- Laksmi
Otto Djauhari -- Mansur
Kirana Larasati -- Safina
Arswendi Nasution
Ade Firza Paloh
Rieke Dyah Pitaloka -- Sumantri
Ratna Riantiarno
Rachel Maryam Sayidina
Sarah Sechan
Shanty -- Esih
Winky Wiryawan

Technical Credit
Directors:Upi Avianto,Nia Di Nata, Fatimah Rony, Lasja F. Susatyo
Writers: Vivian Idris , Melissa Karim
Producer: Nia Di Nata<

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